Non-for profit fund “Mirror” is aimed at decreasing demand for drugs among local population, as well as assisting in realization of effective regional antidrug and social policies.


-          organization of charitable activities,

-          provision of charitable help for socially challenged citizens, involving drug and alcohol users, HIV/AIDS positive;

-          building of scientific foundation and promotion of united antidrug policy among specialist of government and non-government groups;

-          initiation, development, and realization of antidrug projects and programs, and HIV/AIDS prophylaxis programs

-          provision of consults, mediations and other services to citizens and organizations regarding different types of addictions, and prevention and prophylaxis of STDs and blood borne pathogens

-          assistance in protection of sexual and reproductive health

-          assistance in organization of treatment and rehabilitation of drug users and their close ones 

In Perm Area AIDS is growing rapidly with about 70% of HIV positive people being drug users. Perm area is number 9 for AIDS incidents  in Russia.

 In 2012 Perm area  new regional program for drug use prevention and disease is being implemented. Mirror one of the program facilitators.  High incidents of drug use and HIV/AIDS in the population calls for further investigation of possible causes. Our fund is planning to conduct research. 

 Mirror design and organize project and programs for prophylaxis of HIV/AIDs among drug users, develop questionnaires, organize social studies. The Fond develop and conduct seminars for specialists, design booklets for drugs users and HIV positive people; conduct individual and group trainings for drug users and HIV positive people including classes on self-acceptance and status acceptance and treatment adherence. We are assist with treatments and rehabilitation, organize cooperation of government and private organizations regarding improvement of accessibility of medical and social services to vulnerable groups. Mirror organize and conduct round tables, press-conferences, forums and scientific conferences about prophylaxis of drug use and HIV/AIDS.